WePlant Badge

Add a WePlant Badge to your website. Engage your visitors by planting trees for each purchase or booking.

Increase your Engagement Reputation Conversions CSR Visitors

Communicate You Plant!


Research shows that people are more than twice as likely to buy from companies that promote CSR initiatives!


People love trees and nature. They also love companies that give back by planting tree for each purchase.

More Visitors

People will talk about your tree planting campaign. Especially when they get to see where you plant your thank you page.

Social Responsibility

It’s our duty to give back to Mother Earth, the source of everything in our lives. What better way than planting trees!


Adding WePlant Badges to your purchase funnel and thank you page communicates your social responsibility when it matters most.


Your customers will visit your campaign page. It’ll help you build relationships and help restore the balance for our planet.

Become a Guardian of Mother Earth

The WePLant badge helps you to grow your brand by planting trees for our home. Mother Earth.